About LG Viatera


Viatera® quartz surface is designed and created around the idea that a countertop is more than a place where meals are prepared. It is where good memories are born. Whether you’re looking for a surface that stands up to the demands of daily life, or a surface that resists the wear of commercial applications, Viatera® allows you the freedom to create a space that truly reflects the beauty and wonder of life. 



Viatera® in six collections, each celebrating hues and patterns inspired by earth’s natural splendor.




Rich combination of large-movement and marble-like patterns and shades of earth and rock 

Inspired by the complexity and beauty of the finest orchestral music from eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe, the endless variety and complexity of the patterns reminds the luxury and depth of the great composers? works. The inspiration from the classical work will definitely create stimulation in the heart of your home.




Soft range of whites with large, organic patterns. Thanks to this line’s popularity and our customer’s support, the colors have quickly gone from dealer-exclusive to publicly available. Enjoy the new way of earth.






Warm earthen tones of beiges, browns and rust 

This is where sun meets earth: Mesas,buttes, canyons and saguaro. It brings to mind sunsets and sandstone, earthenware 
vessels and tiled roofs. This is in-home pottery for kitchen and bath. Think Terracotta to suggest unplanted landscapes, 
discovered and captured as they have lived for millennia. Distinctly non-industrial, and completely pristine.





Inspired by the colors and tones of the forest 

You’re inspired by old-growth forests. Sequoia. You’re drawn to the serenity of dappled sunlight 
through the leaves, morning mists and the silence of pine needles underfoot. Woodlands will 
grace your home with a comforting palette of wood, autumn and bark tones that create a soothing, 
primeval environment, a connection to the quiet of the shadowed forest floor.


Urban Chic


Eclectic mix of colors that are both fresh and inviting 

It’s a collection of muted, whispered tones that coexist beautifully with an eclectic mix of styles and motifs. A unique way to 
unify decors that embrace everything from the baroque, to Bauhaus and art deco. The colors are calming, elegant and serene 
enough to counter the intensity of urban life – creating an interior oasis, an island of quiet amid the bustle.




Bold colored patterns, some with chips of glass, mirror and metal 

You lean toward the bold, the unconventional and shun the timid and conservative. Yours is a worldly 
perspective, respecting the classic but looking forward, thrilling to a bit of the unexpected. You’re not 
afraid of color. With this distinctive collection, you can create accents and points of interest in the home 
and pied a terre, a flash of inspiration for lobby, airport lounge, bistro or trattoria.




Viatera® is comprised of 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, giving the material the superior strength to stone. Should you accidentally inflict a deep scratch or surface impression, a trained professional can easily resurface your Viatera® thanks to its sealant-free consistency.



Viatera® is seamless & non-porous without crevices or surface irregularities where harmful bacteria and mold may reside. Unlike other surfaces, it does not require a regular application of sealants or waxes against natural pits and cracks to maintain hygienic properties. 



Quartz surfaces are harder than iron and titanium. Despite this quality, damage can occur. If it does, with its easy-to-care and repairable properties, no matter whether it’s a scratch, a stain or a crack, Viatera® can be restored to its original state by a certified professional.



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