About Avonite Solid Surfaces

Features & Benefits of Avonite Solid Surface

  • 80+ designs to choose from 
  • From whites and beiges to bold colors, from solid to large chip-filled, from monochromatic to multi-colored, from opaque to translucent – the only limit is your imagination! 
  • Durable/Renewable: Avonite solid surface is highly chemical resistant – able to withstand the rigorous cleaning and sanitizing without surface alteration or damage, and is easily renewed by buffing or sanding (see Avonite Care & Maintenance) 
  • Hygienic/Bacteriostatic: the non-porous nature of Avonite surfaces inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. In addition, Avonite solid surface is seamless. Solid surface sheets are seamed together versus grouted or welded. When properly finished the seams disappear so that there can be no build-up of any kind in the seams.

Avonite also offers green products:

Avonite Solid Surface Green Products by Carolina Counters